A year ago my a1c was 14+ then 8 months ago was 9.0,

69740295_10157449484281877_4022327475039109120_nA year ago my a1c was 14+ then 8 months ago was 9.0, and today I went to my doctor to check it and was 6.3, t2d, just have a question is it real that diabetes can be reverse ?

Brian Robbins A lot of people have been able to “put it in remission” with a very low carb diet.

Wayne Crich Think of it more like remission. You will always have the problem that caused it and so at the best diet and exercise will keep it in control. However it may reoccur, so cured would not be the way to think about it.

BTW Well done.

Katlyn Stidd My thought is it it was curable or reversed then that means you should be able to eat a slide of cake and drink a milk shake and your sugar would be fine . So yes it can be managed but cured idk… I’m a type two and legit the only thing that works for me is insulin 

Cristina Hartman Im type 1 and did gastric bypass surgery in 2008 …went from 140+ units of insulin a day to around 35 !!! I believe gastric bypass surgery can cure type 2 diabetes

Wayne Crich It may work for some; many of us though are well below any possible weight target you might set. personally I have been in the 80 kg range and now in the 60 kg range it has had no impact on my BGL at all.

Cynthia Taber Cristina Hartman the other factor that is part of the “cure” from gastric bypass depends on how long the individual has had uncontrolled sugar levels. My bro-in-law has had years and years of uncontrolled diabetes and neglect. A few years back he had gastric bypass…and his words…”I waited too long and was uncontrolled too long so it really hasn’t worked for me”. My sister…his wife…is an Emergency Care Nurse Practitioner and she just shakes her head because he still eats whatever and his attitude is “that’s what insulin is for” so…that is again…dependent on how the body individually responds to the drastic surgery.

Julian Laird I think when people both diabetic and non diabetic start using the word CURED!!!! You are mis informed.

Lori Hale We all T2D metabolize carbs differently…reverse means you got your a1c under control is all…reversed bc of diet..there is no cure for T2D…its a dietary disease..so if you go back to eating CARB-AGE..you will reverse to your old health #…4 yrs ago i was 8 a1c..denial for 2 yrs..kept ignoring it taking metphormin and awful triglyc and other #..now 1 yr of LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET( KETO-FRIENDLY FOODS) my a1c is 5.4 and my pant size is down 2 sizes…fat loss..26 pounds loss and still going! No meds now eirher..so it works.. Make your goals and once you get on board to stay out of the carb problem…it will makeca diff! Im tryn to lose 10 more pounds slowly so i decreased carbs and added more IF..

Donna Campen Denson Cured is not a valid statement. Remission, under control, or reversed is more accurate. Just because you are in control does not mean your diabetes is gone. Start bad habits again and it will be active fast!

Cynthia Taber Exactly what Wayne Crich said…”remission” but not reversed or cured. You will always have an issue with how your body absorbs and processes carbs…whether they are complex carbs or simple sugars. It boils down to how your body works and the additional issues that come along with diabetes. And…the endocrinologist says…keeping one’s sugars between 70 and 180 means that one will not die of diabetes. And he says that each of us have our own unique “brand” of diabetes…and what works.for me may not work for the next guy…and the older we get…the more dangerous lows are. So my A1c is at 5.7 “in remission” and my medical team does not want me to drop it any lower because of my age…I’m 60…and my kidneys are in good shape….which is what kills most diabetics. So yep diet and exercise are the best ways to control diabetes.

Joshua Michael Skains No, it is irresponsible to say it can be reversed, or go away, or be cured. Start eating like you used to, and your numbers will skyrocket just like any other diabetic.

Sharon Stephens Morries Good for you Carlos your number is great!!!! I’m a 53 y/ o diabetic mine is in remission diet and exercise a must. I take no meds. My blood sugar runs between 82 and 100 anytime of the day. I still keep it monitored.
Stay focused you can get there. I’m type 2

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood Lots of different opinions. I don’t consider it remission. I consider very well controlled. My reason being personal. I know I meet all the conditions required to be considered “in remission”. I am med free with an a1c consistently in the lower 5s. My blood glucose rarely exceeds 120 and never 140(post prandial numbers). BUT I know how my body feels when I eat carbs. And it isn’t good. It is all the symptoms I felt before. So I know, I know it is still in my body. I still have diabetes. I believe this disease, it is more than what we see. I think, if we knew more about it we could be diagnosed BEFORE it manifested the symptoms we currently use to diagnose diabetes.

Sherry Walker Covington I have a friend that was a T2 and on meds but with diet and exercise she no longer has to take any meds for it but she will always have to keep a check on it.

Lynda L O’Brien-Dennehy T2 can be controlled with diet & exercise – I have been told T1 will always need insulin until the cure is found – which is closer all the time – stem cell’s is making major progress

Valerie Grosso Carlos Vargas, yes T2D can and has been shown clinically to be reversed with a well-formulated ketogenic diet. We now have 2-year data and patients are doing great. Personally, I have seen 100’s of my T2D patients reverse (or put into remission….semantics on proper word will be argued here and elsewhere) their diabetes and most importantly all of the comorbidities associated with it. As a medical profession, we focus too much on blood sugar and forget the REAL root cause of T2D…insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia. Focus on correcting that and your T2D will essentially disappear…..YOU CAN DO IT….be consistent and find someone who can help you implement the intervention correctly and effectively.

Lori Hale Just fyi…Dr Berg, Dr Fung both state it can take up to 2 years to readjust your body to insulin resistance lowered regularly…remember..we take YEARS to get to destroying our bodies..so Patience is what it takes to repair, change and heal gut issues and inflammation, stress problems all factors to ruin our health and # like above said focus on root issues first it will get reversed

Jamie Livingston West Regardless of type, it will NEVER GO AWAY. But, it can be controlled. Even type 2 never truly goes away. Please don’t be fooled. You can get off meds and such, but it is there still, but controlled by your new lifestyle.

Mark Hennaman My doc says the disease itself cannot be reversed, but the symptoms that cause the damage can be reversed. My A1c is now 5.7….down from 13. My body is no longer incurring the damage that it once was. I’ll always be a diabetic. But now managed ….. and without meds. I’ve done this with changes in my diet.

Kevin Melvin-Wilson With amazing new meds combined with diet and exercise I’ve been able to maybe take insulin once a week. I was diagnosed with my A1C above 11, last week it was a 4.8

Vanessa Martinez I think there are varied opinions on whether it is reversed or not. I personally believe that it can be well controlled but never truly reversed. This is not something that you can reverse and have good numbers and be rid of like an infection. I feel like once you’re diagnosed with it you can work with your doctor and do well yourself, but it will still need to be continually monitored to ensure that you’re doing well. However, I also am very excited for you for doing so well controlling your blood sugars! Keep up the good work!

Tina Swailes-Hoyle Once you have you will always have it. As an example my daughter has epilepsy but she hasn’t had a seizure in years but that doesn’t mean her epilepsy is gone. Shes just managing them. Now with diabetes if you keep a good diet and do as your told then you can stay off meds but if you eat a cookie your sugars will go up. Right now my a1c stays under 7 but I eat one cookie and up my sugars go. If I’m on an excellent diet but I get put on an antibiotic for anything they go up. I’m proud of you though. Keep up the good work and you wont feel like a diabetic.

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