Hi my name is Ruth and hail from Bronx, New York.

I am happy to manage this blog with my friend Donghai Jiang

I was diagnosed with the type2 diabetes last yers.

My medication is 2 Metformin twice per day.

My hba1c was constantly up and down within the first several years and was well in control but after that until few months ago while it started steadily going up.

Was at 80 mmol when I was notified I had to see my surgery pharmacist and but they planned to up my medication.

But I spoke to my pharmacist I said that I was not keen on upping the medication however we agreed that I should find out a way to manage my diabetes much better, as long as I got another hba1c test in 2 months and then it definitely would be reviewed.

After few months, I came back to be reviewed my next hba1c was 50 mmol.

My pharmacist said that it was a truly great result and asked what exactly I had done to greatly achieve this. I told her that my friend told me this Natural Method she had never never heard of it and asked what I was doing and what it was.

I have years of experience in treating my diabetes and have tried various ways. I hope can help you on the way. Now, I will tell you what I was doing and what methods I was using in recent years.