Can Diabetics Eat Brown Rice

Effects of brown rice to diabetes

brown riceThis is the full grain rice that is white before refining, stripped off and polished from the covering. This rice is rich in nutrients and fiber. Furthermore, it has the minimum glycemic index while the white rice having higher glycemic index. Hence reducing the glucose level in the blood.

The latest research from Harvard indicates that the Americans eating more than two servings of the brown rice for a week decreases the exposure to the upcoming types 2 diabetes almost by a percentage of 10 liken to the people consuming it not more than once monthly. Also for those consuming white rice much regularly or more than five times weekly are up to a percentage of 20 likely in developing the second type of diabetes much less than the ones eating the rice once in a month.

On the other hand, by replacing one third of being served white rice with the brown one on daily basis would decrease the risk of the type 2 diabetes by up to a percentage of 16, this was proved by the statistical analysis. The serving of the rice should be less than a cup with half of the cup being the best.

According to the study published in Archives of the medicine that is mainly internal using data collected from the two different nurses at Harvard and a different mode for the well-being professionals wasn’t the first proclaiming that the foods such as, the white rice was culprit in the type 2 diabetes.  Also according to the study carried out in 2007 by the women from china in 2007 got to the point that women who are medium of age consuming the largest shares of the rice and more carbohydrates that are refined were are at a higher risk in developing diabetes than the peers who were eating less of the white rice.

The study from Harvard was the first study to compare and contrast among the brown rice and white rice over its consumption among those in the states, considering the rice as not the major source of food with less of it being consumed overall, said by Doctor. Qi Sun, who is a medicine instructor at the Women’s Hospital and Brigham affiliated by the Medical School in Harvard. Most studies concerning food simply cluster the white and brown rice as one.

According to the evidence said by Dr. Sun at Harvard School of Public Health is that, with the high consumption of the white rice even when taken in low amounts it still remains to be a high risk of diabetes. For one to be on the safer side its much acknowledged if one replaces white rice with equal amount of the brown rice or simply the grain as a whole.

brown rice studiesOn the beginning of studies they made a fill up of the frequencies questionnaires of the foods in different years 1984, 1986 and 1991 and later updated the information concerning diet the after the fourth hour subsequently. More than 10000 participants developed the second type disease in the course of the study. These studies concerning the foods are much unreliable as they are centered much on self-surveys, with the correlation not meaning the effect and cause relationship, as some factors are not in line with the consumption of the brown rice hence accounting for the reduced risk of diabetes according to the observation. The Americans who consumed the brown rice were healthy as they ate vegetables and fruits in plenty with less of the red meat hence active as they are considered thin and smoke in small amounts than the ones not eating the brown rice.

Consumption for the diabetes means that you are selecting the foods you eat wisely by choosing carbohydrates that best suit the plan of you meals, with the brown rice being earthly flavored and nutty rice ideal for the replacement of the high carbohydrate white rice. Brown rice still remains among the family of grains but contributes to carbohydrates. Hence, one can be certain to account properly in the reduction of the blood sugar impact.

Information concerning Nutrition

The brown rice has calories of 150 per half a cup of dried rice netting medium of one cup of rice when cooked, 10 calories from the fat are contributed by each fat per gram and also in each serving it has medium of about 30 grams contents of the carbohydrates in the serving. 2 grams of fiber in the diet leads to slow absorption of carbohydrates and proper digestion on health.

The Carbohydrates

In each single cup of the rice when cooked it is equal to the meal when planned on diabetic of the two carbohydrates with each causing the rise of the sugar in the blood to be moderate with the brown rice not being the major exception. On the addition of the grain as a whole and fiber in diet it will reduce the process as a whole but cause an increase of sugar in the blood gradually. Those suffering from diabetes using insulin should be responsible for the brown rice serving insulin level accordingly



In order to moderate your diet it’s much recommended to put the brown rice in your diet so as to reduce the impacts of the carbohydrates that are similar with proteins. The brown rice when replaced with foods, high in starch like potato, white rice and fruits that have low amounts of sugar and the vegetables that have no starch will help to improve the diet making it to be well-balanced.

Benefits on health

Since the brown rice is free of cholesterol having no gluten, sodium or trans-fat, vitamins B, iron supplied and potassium being the nutrients that are much necessary. Hence, when cooked in chicken in small amounts of sodium that acts as flavor on addition and protein with no salt being necessary.


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