Can Diabetics Eat Rice

As a person with type 2 diabetes you need to be very vigilant about when, what and how much you eat in order to control your blood sugar. And you need to be keenly aware of how many carbs you need a day and the best way to disperse them through the day.

Monitoring the GI score and carbohydrate count of the foods you consume can surely make controlling your type 2 diabetes easier. Working out an exercising 100% hands down is greatly beneficial to our physical health and diabetes health. It can also put us in that health oriented mindset that will motivate us to take care of our diabetes as well.

Keeping track of the foods you eat is an important strategy for type 2 diabetes. if you don’t do that diabetes can lead to more serious health problems, such as foot infections, kidney damage, or cardiovascular disease.

Rice has a high GI score and rich in carbs. But you don’t need to skip it if you have type 2 diabetes, they can still fit into your meal plan. You just should avoid eating them frequently or in large portions. Numerous types of rice exist, so you can choose healthier ones that will not harm your health.


What Kind of Rice Can Diabetics Eat?

Many types of rice exist but lots of people don’t know much more about them except for their names. Lots of diabetics think that all of the rice is the same but it is as far from the truth as they can imagine.

The type of rice is important when choosing what to eat. Wild rice and brown rice are the only kinds of ones for people with diabetes. Both of them are whole-grain rice that include bran and wheat germ. However Short-grain white rice has had those removed, making them muck like white flour. It has a high Glycemic Index, which means it is 70 or higher. Additionally, portion control is always vital to keeping our blood sugar level where it should be. Anyway, you should eat everything in moderation.

What difference does it make while you choose brown rice instead of white rice if they contain the same number of carbohydrates? Due to the health benefits provided by all kinds of rice, it may not make sense for everybody to eliminate it from their diets totally. All kinds of rice can cause your blood sugar level to rise, but you can get minerals, vitamins and fiber from the whole-grain rice and wild rice that don’t get from the white rice. Limit your consumption to 1/3-cup serving of either wild rice or brown rice a day to minimize your risk.

It is important to make lots of changes to your diet if you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. By cutting down on the rice amount at your meals, you can have more of main dish instead if it has vegetables as well as a limited amount of carbs. By cutting down on the amount of wild rice and brown rice, you are able to eat them as part of your meal plan.

The way you eat is an important part of treating your type 2 diabetes, whether you are dining out or at home.


You have to avoid eating rice in large portions or frequently if you have type 2 diabetes. Don’t eliminate any foods from your diet as they all have nutrition that makes your body healthier. Then you can cure your type 2 diabetes finally.

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