Is Figs Good for Diabetics

Being a member of the Mulberry family, fig trees have numerous health benefits. In fact, it is recommended that one should munch 2 or 3 figs per day. Figs are either black or light green in color. They however possess the same properties.Is Figs Good for Diabetics

Is it safe to eat figs as a diabetic?

According to the American Association, figs are categorized as to be rich in fiber and therefore helps makes it possible to functionally control diabetes. And, it is not figs alone that are suitable for diabetes. Fig leaves have been proved to minimize the insulin needed by the body. All you have to do is munch on the fig leaves each day.

Figs contain potassium this in return means that there will be no post-meal spike in blood sugar levels after consuming figs. This is so because potassium helps control the sugar levels that are absorbed into the blood after a meal.

Whenever you have craving for something sweet I would recommend you to take figs. However, ensure that you avoid dried figs since they have high sugar concentrations.

Health benefits if eating figs

Eases constipation

Being rich in fiber, figs provide the body with soluble fiber. It is this fiber content that ensures efficient bowel movements and a smooth digestion. As a result, easing and curing constipation. On the record, it is possible to completely cure constipation by eating figs.

An important component in weight loss

Typically, fiber in the body helps in the digestion of fats in the body. If consumed on a daily basis, figs can help one reduce weight. Ensure that you only munch on fresh figs and not dried ones also don’t make a milkshake with the figs.

So as to the calories ensure that you only take 1-2 figs in a day.

Minimized bad cholesterol in the body

The presence of soluble fiber in the body helps in the breakdown and removal of fats in the body. As it assists in smooth bowel movements, some of the bad cholesterol as excreted

Reduces risk of contracting colon cancer

With smooth bowel movements and removal of toxins, figs help prevent colon cancer.

Improves fertility

Yes, you read that right. All you have to do is soak 4 figs in milk and let it stay overnight. When it is in the morning consume the figs and this will increase your sex drive. It works on both men and women. Please note that the figs will contain a high number of calories.

Makes bones stronger

For healthier and stronger bones you have to increase calcium in the body. Figs are rich in calcium and help in the formation of strong bones.

Reduces the loss of calcium through urine

High sodium levels in the diet leads to the loss of calcium through the urine. Figs contain high potassium levels and low sodium. As a result, helps control the amount of calcium that is lost by the body through urine. Potassium also helps flush off toxins from the body.

Useful for vision among the elderly

The elderly tend to have visual problems due to a condition known as macular degeneration. Consumption of figs helps curb this issue

Cures common cold

Figs help treat severe cold and cough as well as asthma!

Natural health benefits of consuming figs as a diabetic

If you have not yet started eating figs, then there is a huge problem with you since you are missing on very crucial minerals.Natural health benefits of consuming figs as a diabetic

  • Being an excellent source of fiber and potassium. Figs help in maintaining a controlled blood pressure. The high potassium levels help removes bad cholesterol in the body. The calcium content helps in healthy and strong bone formation.
  • If you have insomnia then you should consider taking figs due to their reputation improve the amount and quality of your goodnight sleep.
  • Figs are easily broken down to release energy
  • Help in curing and eradicating constipation
  • Helps in the formation of stronger and healthier bones due to the high calcium content
  • Helps cure a bad stomach. In other words, digestion problems.

All these are the health benefits of consuming figs. But what about the fig leaves, do they have any health benefits?
The most famous health benefit of consuming fig leaves is the anti-diabetic consequence. On the records, fig leaves are known to reduce the number of insulin shots needed by a diabetic. Meaning that you will need fewer insulin shots!

According to a research on a clinical trial, in attempts to determine the hypoglycemic effect of a fig leaves extracts, 6 men and 4 women were used as test subjects. It found that the test group in which the fig leaves were administered needed fewer insulin shots and recorded significantly lower cholesterol levels in comparison to the set control group.

Fig leaves also help lower blood triglycerides. Basically, triglycerides are fats that are circulated in the bloodstream. It is these fats that cause heart problems. Last but not the least you can control various types of cancers by munching on fig leaves.

Home remedies on how to use fig leaves

  • If you have bronchitis; put 3-4 fig leaves in a sufuria or pot and water. Leave it to boil for 15 minutes. Add some honey to the boiled water and drink it.
  • If you have heart problems I would recommend you to eat fresh fig leaves each day. You can also make tea from the same.
  • For hemorrhoid, add some fig leaves in a pot of water and boil it. Allow it to cool then apply it on the affected area.
  • To lower your blood pressure, ensure that you drink fig leaf tree every day
  • To treat ulcers munch two to three fig leaves ensuring that you swallow everything for a week.


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