How Almond Milk Can Help You If You Have Type 2 Diabetes

Almond milk can be a great substitute for dairy, in fact, it is also a healthy option.  If you’re lactose intolerant, you should give almond milk a try but that doesn’t have to be the only reason you consider almond milk.  It’s also great as an organic, non-GMO way to get the taste of milk without all the issues.  Almond milk is a good way to round out your diet or nutritional needs.  If you’re diabetic, it is a good way to get your “dairy” without increasing your carbohydrate intakes.

I actually prefer to drink almond milk even though I have no issues with lactose intolerance and I also prefer the taste of almond milk when you compare it to the options out there.  Almond milk has such a better taste when you think about it, some other milk alternatives can lack taste altogether.  Almond milk isn’t like that at all because almonds have that natural quality.

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Almond Milk

There’s also a lot of nutrition to be found in almond milk.  Some of the things almond milk can do for you include:

  • Lots of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and nutrients including vitamin E, potassium and magnesium (to name just a few)
  • An excellent replacement for dairy
  • Full of healthy, non-saturated fats
  • Low calories, high in protein and low in fat

The best part about almond milk, you can find it in many stores in the healthy section.  You may even find it in the cooler next to the milk or yogurt.  It is very popular and easy to find.

What You Need to Know About Diabetes & Almond Milk

Just because almonds are small, doesn’t mean they don’t have some big benefits to your health.  In fact, almonds are a good way to supplement your diet.  If you have diabetes, you should know that almonds are a good way to get your daily intake of protein and other nutrients.  Almonds are so high in protein, they are some of the best nuts if you’re looking for a protein based diet.

Are Almonds Good for You if You have Diabetes?

If you are currently a diabetic, almonds can be one of the best options for you in terms of your diet.  In fact, some scientific studies have shown that almonds actually help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level.  You can impact your glucose levels by eating just a small amount of almonds every day.  Sometimes all you need to do is eat a handful to get all of the benefits.

The result is a low-calorie, healthy option for diabetics. The key to using almonds to aid in your diabetic diet is to keep the portions small, that way you don’t add any unnecessary calories to your diet.  When you do this, you’ll see some amazing results and feel better too.

Part of the reason almonds are so beneficial is because of the nutrients they contain including minerals like magnesium.  When you have diabetes, magnesium is important because it can help regulate your blood sugar.  If you have diabetes you may also be suffering from a deficit of magnesium in your body so consuming almonds helps remedy this as well.

Almonds are also beneficial for maintaining the health of your heart which means you’ll live longer.  Why is this important if you have diabetes?  Well, it is a well known fact that those who suffer from diabetes also have a high incidence of death by heart issues.

Though almonds can be high in calories, the good news is that you can receive all of their benefits with just a small amount of nuts consumed.  You only need to eat a handful of nuts a day to get the most out of these superfoods.  With almonds you get a lot of health benefits in just a small serving so it is important not to overdo it.  You don’t need to eat a huge portion to get the healthy aspects of nuts into your body.

What is the correct daily portion of almonds?

As discussed in this article, just a small handful of almonds are all you need when it comes to your daily serving.  In fact, it is best to try to keep a routine and eat a regular portion every day, as long as that portion is small (under two ounces).  It may also help control your cravings if you portion out the amount of almonds you want to eat, rather than eating out of the container.  You may even be able to buy “snack packs” to help you with this.

So many options when it comes to almonds

With heart healthy foods becoming more popular, you can find a wide variety of almond products at your local grocery store.  You can even find almonds in the form of milk or spreadable options.  Almond butter is a great alternative to peanut butter and it is very tasty!  You should be aware of the quality of the product though and you can accomplish this by reading the labels.  Be sure to read the ingredients and stay away from anything unnatural.
If you think you’re ready to give almonds a try in your diet, there are many ways to incorporate them into your routine.  For example, for breakfast you can use them in porridge or hot cereals.  Almond butter can also be a great addition to your breakfast foods and it works really well on toasted bread.  Almonds are also the perfect snack and go well with other traditional snack foods.  You can even pair them with fruits, vegetables or salads.

Almond butter is another versatile option when it comes to integrating almonds into your diet.  You can use it in a wide variety of recipes and foods.  For a heartier meal, something like dinner or even mid-day, you can add almonds to your recipes.  They are easy additions to rice or even some noodles.

And let’s not forget about the options for desserts either.  You can top ice cream or healthier frozen yogurt with almonds.  You can even use them when you’re baking for cookies or brownies.

If you have diabetes, you can get quite a bit of benefits to your health and well-being just by adding almonds into your daily diet.  Part of the reason they are so good for you is because they are so easy to add and use with your meals.  All you need to remember is to eat them in moderation.

The Best Milk for Diabetics?

There really is nothing more satisfying than a glass of milk.  Not only is it good for you but it is also a healthy option, that is, if you are not diabetic.  But what if you do have diabetes?  What is the best milk option for you?  Part of the problem lies within the high fat and calorie content of milk itself.  It may be high in nutrients but it can also add a lot of sugar into your diet.  As a diabetic, you must be cautious about this.  In order to get the most out of milk, you must pick the right option when you have diabetes.

Drinking Milk When You Have Diabetes

As a diabetic, you have the potential to experience higher rates of injuries to your bones.  You also have a higher risk of breaking bones.  Milk seems like the obvious choice to prevent these conditions, especially due to the high calcium content.  The problem with milk when you’re a diabetic comes from the sugar contained within the lactose.

Low Fat Milk Options?

When you’re diabetic, you also have an increased chance of having problems with your heart.  You can lower your risk by keeping track of how much saturated fat you eat.  Low fat milk options are best if you want to keep your intake of fat low.

Should You Give Soy Milk a Try?

The short answer is, if you have diabetes, you should definitely give soy milk a chance.  It is a great alternative to regular milk and can even work well if you don’t tolerate regular dairy products.  Soy milk is also a healthy alternative in general.  Scientific studies have shown that you can improve your blood pressure simply by drinking soy milk when compared to other milk options.

Almond Milk as a Healthy Alternative

Almond milk is yet another healthy alternative for milk and it can be especially good for you if you have diabetes.  One nice thing about almond milk is that it tastes great and can be a nice break from the routine, especially if you drink milk on a regular basis.  Almond milk is high in nutrients and lacks lactose which can be troublesome of you’re intolerant of dairy or if you have diabetes.  Almond milk is high in calcium which is really important when it comes to protecting your bones.  It can also help lower your blood pressure and increase your heart health.  Overall, almond milk is one of the better alternatives when it comes to milk options for a diabetic.  You can get all of the benefits without many of the risks.

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