How Nancy Freed Diabetes

Hello, I’m Nancy Dias, some time ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. It was a difficult period of my life but despite the struggle, I remained optimistic even though the future looked bleak. I hoped that I would one day make a total recovery and return to full health.

From my findings I was told that diabetes had hereditary links, I don’t think this is true in my case. As a result of this condition, I have had to invest so much time in carrying out research about possible treatments for this disease. I am happy to declare that I was able to find some rather interesting data which I had no prior knowledge of.

Annually, several people are diagnosed with this terrible condition. Prior to this time, I had no idea how much of a problem this was. After my initial diagnosis I began investing my time into comprehensive research and as a result of this, I have become quite knowledgeable on this subject matter. Of course, this wasn’t easy for me initially. Without a background in medicine or any other health-related field, I had a hard time understanding all the pieces of information coming my way initially. However, as time passed I began to grasping them until I was finally able to fully understand all the information.

From my findings, I stumbled upon an important piece of information that would potentially help me stop taking drugs. This is quite important because most of the drugs prescribed by doctors for the disease had side effects of their own. I discovered instead a natural solution to this problem. Your liver is responsible for producing what is known as the insulin growth factor or IGF for short. This is a hormone which plays an active role in the production of insulin and glucose in the body. In order to cure diabetes naturally, all I had to do was simply find a way to increase the amount of IGF the liver produced.

Discovering this piece of information renewed my hope of finding a possible cure for my condition. Further investigation revealed an even more shocking truth. I realized it is absolutely possible for me to find a cure for my diabetes in few months.

Armed with this truth I got down to work and months later I was at the hospital to get checked and confirm the state of my recovery. My health care professionals were surprised when they noticed the drastic improvements. In fact, they were so shocked that they had to ask for a second opinion. This turned out to be positive as well.

While my healthcare advisors had simply declared my case as incurable I was able to discover a feasible solution. Simple as this solution was, I realized that the pharmaceutical companies were keeping quiet about it because diabetic treatments are earning them billions of dollars and they would rather keep quiet about this permanent and effective cure to the disease.

Rather than waste money on ineffective treatment, the body already has a potential cure available readily for treating diabetes. While I am not saying IGF as a treatment will work for everybody, I can say from my experience that it achieved incredible results which I sincerely hope would be replicated in many other people suffering from diabetes as well.

The natural cure to diabetes as I came to find out was increasing the amount of IGF produced by the liver. This I came to discover can be achieved naturally by the consumption of a balanced diet regimen consisting of a variety of healthy foods.

you can watch the informative video below for more information about the various foods that can help boost IGF production and combat diabetes. If you follow the information stated in the video you will be able to restore your health to a perfect state and live a happy and fulfilled life.

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