Can Diabetics Eat Popcorn

Popcorn can be a healthy snack depending upon how it’s prepared, and it is also one of little snacking pleasures of life. After all, who can imagine gonna see a flick with no stopping by shop for a small bucket? A lot of people love to eat popcorn at the movies. However people with diabetes have to try to avoid these highly buttery and salted versions. Don’t worry, popcorn can easily still be properly incorporated into your diabetic diet. It is a good snack for a diabetic, however the preparation and the type of corn impact its value. Popcorn is considered a important source of the whole-grain fiber in its unprocessed form, making it perfect for people concerned about diabetes and blood sugar. It is so fluffy and light. In addition, it comes with a quite low glycemic load compared to other traditional snack foods, hence as long as you consume popcorn in moderation, it can be a health addition to your eating plan.


Portion Size of Popcorn for Diabetic

According to the ADA, the portion size of popcorn for a diabetic equals about 15 grams of carbs, or three cups of popped popcorn. As a diabetic could consume between 15 to 30 grams of carbs for snacks, no more than six cups of popcorn should be ate at once. One ounce bags of the microwave popcorn have about 21g of carb, making the portions idea for one diabetic.

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Nutritional Content of Popcorn

By comparison, foods that are high in fiber usually reflect a whole grain source of carb, which is a more complex form that is more slowly absorbed and digested.

Like any other whole grain source of carbs, unprocessed and air-popped popcorn is a good source of nutrients for people with diabetes. In fact, a lot of “light” popcorns have 80 to 100 calories as well as 3 grams of fiber a serving. Popcorn doesn’t affect blood sugar levels of you as dramatically as any other sugar snack foods as it is made from the corn that is a whole grain. Actually, a serving of popcorn contains a glycemic load, which is two to four times lower than any other snack foods like potato chips, graham crakers, raisins. You should want to know that what kind of potatoes are good for diabetics.

Giving Popcorn Flavor

When it comes to popcorn, the plain stuff is kind of boring. So lots of people would add flavor to their popcorn by dousing it in butter and salt. But those practices aren’t beneficial to your management of blood pressure, weight and diabetes. Instead, diabetics can flavor the popcorn by spritzing with olive oil or butter-flavored spray. You can also add onion powder and garlic to give it a kick with no all of extra salt. Sprinkling a tsp of sugar-free sweetener like stevia will satisfy people’s sweet craving with no sugar. Good idea!

Selecting the Right Popcorn

There are different popcorn versions available in the market. Diabetics should be mindful of the different type of popcorn they have as lots of versions contain salts, sugars and added fats. You should inspect those nutrition labels for sodium, sugar, trans fat and total fat if choosing popcorn at the snack counter. Added sugars and total fat have to be limited for you as much as possible, as well as there must be no trans fat and other bad ingredients listed on the label. And sodium has to be kept below the 150 milligrams each serving as it is 10% of the suggested daily sodium intake. You should pay attention to these.

Sample Snack Foods

Diabetics can consume a 100 calories bag of the low-fat popcorn for a light it. You also can get a one-serving bag of light kettle popcorn when it is made with the artificial sweetener. You also can season it with onion powder and garlic for the completely non-processed snack.

Does Popcorn Raise Blood Sugar

My friend love microwave popcorn, the 95% fat free kind. He eat from two to three bags per day around 9 pm each night. His blood sugar runs around 120 to 160 and he don’t take any medications. So the short answer is yes. However there is a great news, Popcorn is actually one of the best snacks for people with diabetes if they eat it with equal grams of protein. And my favorite way is to get a whey protein cocoa with the popcorn. Popcorn is 55 or so on the glycemic index, hence it is not terrible. So just make sure to consume it with protein.

How Much Popcorn Can A Diabetic Eat

People with diabetes would ask for that question. It all depends on what you need/want/mean when it comes to the label “healthier”. I think a serving bag is the best choice.

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