Can Diabetics Drink Beer

Just because you are diabetic does it mean that you shouldn’t drink champagne or beer? Should you say no to any partying and celebrating with friends? Well, the answer to this question is rather favorable. Irrespective of whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes you can take a small amount of beer and … Read more

Is Walking Good for Diabetes


Walking and exercise have been used for ages as a way to regulate Type 2 diabetes and improve the general health of people living with type 2 diabetes. Walking actually helps people with type 2 diabetes manage their weight and at the same time control their blood sugar levels. According to the American Diabetes Association, … Read more

Is Wine Good for Diabetes


According to the American Heart Association, adults diagnosed with diabetes stand 2-4 times chances of contracting chronic diseases related to the heart in comparison to their non-diabetic counterparts. There have been mixed debates when it comes to taking red wine as a diabetic, some claiming that red wine helps in reducing chances for getting a … Read more

Is Yoga Good for Diabetes


For a type 2 diabetic, one thing is for sure. Exercise has to be part of your day to day routine. There are numerous health benefits associated with exercises but that doesn’t mean that you should limit your exercise to jogging, biking or calisthenics. You should also try out yoga. This practice has been there … Read more

Is Chromium Good for Diabetes

There is no shadow of doubt on the fact that Chromium is as a mineral is essential to the body. When you electroplate a thin layer of chromium on metal the final product is chrome metal, it can also be electroplated on plastic and it is this chrome that is used in making car bumpers. … Read more

Best Exercise for Diabetics Type 2

Exercise regularly How often do you exercise? Well, if you are like the majority of the Americans most likely your answer will be no. The same is true even to people living with diabetes. If studies are anything to go by then only 39 percent of people who have type 2 diabetes get enough exercise, … Read more

How Anne Freed Diabetes

My name is Anne, thanks Ruth, gives me a chance to share my story, after being diagnosed with diabetes I entered into a state of shock. I knew very little about the disease and after being informed by my practitioner that I had to take diabetes meds for the rest of my life, this was … Read more

How Joan Freed Diabetes

Hi, I’m Joan, thanks Ruth, after going for my usual checkups my doctor diagnosed me with diabetes. Based on what my doctor told me, this was supposed to be a lifetime condition but I never want to dwell on the negative side of life and I was optimistic that I will get over this and … Read more

How Eda Freed Diabetes

Today, I am happy I have a chance to share my story and I think that it will inspire everyone who have diabetes. Hello Everyone, My name is Eda Ahi, I’m 50 years old and live in New York. I remember that I had a fight with my husband this time last year. He told … Read more

How to Cure Diabetes Naturally with Natural Food


We can’t ignore the fact that a lot of people are suffering from diabetes in our modern generation, with an estimated 21 million people in the United States alone diagnosed to have diabetes by the American Diabetes Association. Of the 21 million people an estimated 90 to 95% have type 2 diabetes. So what is … Read more