I Finally Reversed My Diabetes

RachelHi, I’m Lisa and I have found out I’m suffering from incurable diabetes. While it may be a struggle, I’m very optimistic that in the future, I will be able to go into remission and get back my full health. Even though it is reported that many people are hereditary likely to get diagnosed with diabetes, I do not think this impacts me. I have invested a lot of my free time into researching the potential treatments for diabetes. I’m glad to say I have found some surprising data in my research that I was never aware of.

Many people receive the unfortunate news from doctor’s every year that they have diabetes and I was not aware of how widespread this condition is.

Previously, I had absolutely no idea about diabetes, but after being diagnosed and investing time in comprehensive research I would say I am rather knowledgeable. With no medical training or background, much of the information I learnt wasn’t easy to understand at first.

But, with time I started to find it quite easy to fully comprehend the information I found.

A natural function of the liver is its ability to produce IGF (insulin-like growth factor) which is a type of hormone. It has an active role in glucose control and insulin.

A positive of learning this information is the potential to stop taking pills. Many of the diabetes drugs come with certain side effects. But, this insulin-like growth factor is naturally produced and doesn’t come via an injection. In reality, it is just a case of increasing the IGF produced by the liver.

This latest breakthrough in knowledge has started to give me more hope and belief that it is possible to cure diabetes. By being pro-active I learned to my surprise that it was possible to fully cure my diabetes within a period of only a few months.

I visited my healthcare professional to get a full checkup and they confirmed it. They were quite surprised by my noticeable improvement in health. Plus, this medical professional even requested a second opinion, which again confirmed the same positive results.

My health care advisor was not even aware of the possibility of curing diabetes like this. However, I believed it was a very feasible outcome. Diabetic treatments have the potential to earn the pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars. So, it is not in their interest to reveal other treatments that have the ability to cure diabetes.

Should the pharmaceutical companies market IGF in pill form this might well have the benefit of achieving faster and more positive results for this condition – but this doesn’t seem likely. Because this hormone is already in our body, it means a potential remedy is readily available.

But, the use of IGF is not a viable solution for everyone with diabetes. But, from my personal experience, I am happy to say I achieved great results, which I hope can be replicated to help many other sufferers of diabetes.

The ability to up the natural production of IGF is achieved with a balanced diet plan that includes healthy and varied foods. This practical health remedy is easy to get started with.

Look at this awesome video to discover what foods to  help you boost the natural production of IGF while also helping those with diabetes. This solution to boost the health is quite straightforward to join in. By following this information it is possible to avoid the need to prick the finger and get back to enjoying a normal life with the loved ones.

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