can diabetics eat dark chocolate

CAN DIABETICS EAT DARK CHOCOLATEChemically, the composition of Dark Chocolate is incomparable with the Milk chocolate. The different Is not just in the taste or the color, but in some more excellent area example is: the DARK chocolate is not made up of milk sturdy coupled with low sugar percentage.

It also doesn’t cause blood sugar like some other candies and sweet making it adequate as an intermittent sweetening for the person with diabetes.

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According to the study published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” in 2015, it was established that dark chocolate improves insulin sensitivity and also reduces resistance which in turn helps to prevent the onset of diabetes. This should be good news for chocolate lovers.  As it serves as a resistance to diabetes, it is important to determine always to take only dark chocolate which flavonoids and one that has not been over processed. The author also recommends that further research should be conducted to affirm these claims.


A scientist at the Conference of the America Heart Association in 20011 presented a report of 21 studies linking the reduction of bad cholesterol, the improvement of blood vessels and also good cholesterol level to the intake of dark chocolate cocoa. They, however, warned that the studies were limited, but their theory proved that it prevents the occurrence of diabetes.

Diabetes and Flavonoids

The journals released by researchers at the American Heart Association in 2010 containing information on “Hypertension” revealed that Dark chocolate could help reduce hypertension which predominantly affects 67 percent of U.S adults with diabetes. The research also shows that both the management and prevention of diabetes can be achieved through the intake of dark chocolate when used in moderation.

Sweet Snack

The database suggested that Dove Dark chocolate contains a  glycemic index of 23.Food with a lower percentage of glycemic reduces the effect on blood sugar, e.g., Banana has 45 while Raw apple has a glycemic index of 40. The intake of dark chocolate does not transfix blood-glucose like other sweet chops.

Dark Chocolate and diabetes

Society had been made to believe that consumption of sweet things and desserts by a person that has been diagnosed with diabetes signals death. But Dark chocolate has changed the mindset and belief if consumed in moderation. Dark chocolate has presented a huge advantage in ways to tackling diabetes, but its consumption should be moderate.

Reasons why diabetics patients should consume Dark chocolate

Cocoa plants serve a primary source of Flavanoid, so Cocoa plants are a major ingredient in the manufacture of Dark chocolate. Flavonoids are responsible for the reduction of insulin resistance of the hormone responsible for regulating glucose level in the body. The consumption of flavonoids helps reduce the adverse effects of Type 2 Diabetes. Flavanoids ability to protect against damage to cells in the body is made possible by the presence of antioxidants properties. Researchers say Flavonoids prevent chronic inflammation, help in metabolism improvement and protein regulation. Dark chocolate has been discovered to be good for people with type 2 Diabetes. Compared to another form of chocolate Dark chocolate contains more flavonoids.

Moderation is Key

dark chocolateModeration is necessary for the intake of anything, too much of anything is bad. Excessive intake of any chocolate is it milk, white or dark chocolate is bad especially for people with diabetes. The intake of Dark chocolate must be balanced and appropriate. To keep you away from the doctor, A square or two of dark chocolate will prove beneficial to the body. If the lifestyle, daily and the glucose levels of people living with diabetes is under control, dark chocolate poses no the threat of any kind. it is beneficial to add a combination of dark chocolate to a low sugar diet and balanced low-fat which includes starchy carbohydrates with adequate vegetable and fruit. Portion control is vital. Intake of dark chocolate can only be beneficial if meals with saturated fat and calories are avoided. The fact that Dark chocolate is enriched with calories should not be forgotten. Therefore excessive intake will bring forth all problem associated with eating chocolate. Even though it contains some sugar but the sugar level is relatively small. Also the darker the chocolate is, the lesser the sugar level.

Expert Speak

Multiple research shows that Type 2 diabetes Patience are prone to contracting cardiovascular diseases and this can occur if there’s a decrease in good cholesterol or HDL level. This is due to the reduction in HDL level or good cholesterol.According to research, DarK Chocolate could mitigate the risk.

The medical practitioners advise that the intake of chocolate with high cocoa content should be part of the dietary routine for people with Type 2 Diabetes along with a balanced lifestyle.

This could help reduce the cardiovascular risk without changes in weight, glucose control or insulin resistance for an individual with diabetes.

The discovery by researchers has proven that dark chocolate contains “theobromine” which can help stop persistent coughs better than prescribed medicine.

It has also been discovered that particular set of compounds, known as “Oligometri procyanidins” which is a type flavonoid improves glucose tolerance. It contains the greatest antiobesity and anti-diabetic bioactivities of all the flavonoids found in cocoa. For an improvement in insulin resistance, decreased systolic blood pressure and sensitivity researchers have advised the use of Dark chocolate. The percentage of flavonoids in any chocolate is determined by the flavonoid content of the cocoa plant and the technique involved in converting cocoa to chocolate. The higher the flavonoid content in the finished product the better the health benefits accrued from it.

Is Bitter better?

Chocolate eater should remember that while selecting a dark chocolate the Bitter it is the better it is. The bitter taste should last ten to fifteen seconds on your tongue before meeting away. A higher percentage of cocoa with only a hint of sweetness will provide with a flavor that deepens with every bit. A well nurtured, rich dark chocolate, regardless of cocoa, should transfer flavor, aroma and bite onto the palate. Dark chocolate, a sensory delight, remains healthy indulgence.

The Dark supremacy chocolate

People think life stops after been diagnosed with Diabetes but No the finer things in life can be enjoyed by the people with diabetes only in moderation. The Usefulness of cocoa in the production of dark chocolate cannot be over emphasized has it also help in the protection against cardiovascular disease. Cocoas content in dark chocolate plays an active role in benefiting from the quality of its ingredients. Dark chocolate does not only feels good, but it is also referred to as a healthy food. Its healing power had been foreseen as the next big thing.

With this information in mind diabetes, patients can enjoy the piece or two healthy dark chocolate as your health permits. But do remember moderation is the key to finest and healthy results.

Thousands of people suffering from erratic blood sugar has been using this ground-breaking solution

To help them burn away dangerous fat from their vital organs and bellies…

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