Can Diabetics Eat Pretzels

CAN DIABETICS EAT PRETZELSAre you a diabetic and confused on whether pretzels is a good option snack for you? On a wide picture, most packaged snacks contain sodium, sugar and floor preservatives all which affect the glucose levels in the food. For a healthy snack, I would recommend you take one that is made from sprouted whole grains that are spouted shells and pretzels sprouted splits.

For a company founded in the 1890s, Unique Pretzel Bakery is famously known for making Unique Pretzel Splits, something they have done for over 120 years now. This is a family owned business and funny enough is the fact that Unique Pretzel Splits were invented accidentally when a mistake was done with the dough letting it set for too long. This made it split open when being baked.

What are Pretzels

If you analyze the ingredients used to make pretzels, you might have second thoughts about them being a healthy option. Pretzels are basically made from wheat flour that is tripped off its fiber content and some nutrients, salt, yeast and corn syrup or vegetable oil. Form this we can deduce that they are pretty much stripped off most of the vital nutrients. Unlike potatoes chips, pretzels are baked. This means that most calories are retained but can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels and even worse won’t satisfy your appetite. Well, you can skip that and go with a snack that will provide you with proteins that will help steady your sugar levels. Examples of such snacks are rice cake that is cheese free, pistachio nuts and Greek yogurt that is fat-free.

Is it healthy to take Pretzels?

Generally, pretzels have a healthy image but given the fact that most brands are made from the same ingredients that are: salt, refined white wheat, yeast, and oil this is not something you can recommend to a diabetic. Also, the fact that they are baked other than fried means that it retains a lot of calories. And as we all know, anything made from wheat when broken down by the body acts like sugar. Instead, diabetics should consider taking a snack that is made from whole grain. Whole grains don’t cause a spike in the blood sugar levels and are very rich in fiber.

We at Unique Pretzel Bakery make our sprouted shells and sprouted shells with 100% organic sprouted whole grain floor.

How do carbs from other snacks compare to that from Candy Bar?

One might wonder why pretzels have a high glycemic index despite the fact that they are low in sugar. Well, this is due to the fact that pretzels are quickly broken down into sugars that when absorbed by the body result in a sudden spike in the blood sugar levels.

As a diabetic, therefore, you have to have to stay away from foods that are made with processed grains and white flour. This means that pretzels, crackers, and white bread are not a healthy option. Anything made from enriched flour has been stripped off nutrients and fiber which are necessary to anyone suffering from diabetes.

Sprouted Grains

You can basically get all the nutrients your body needs from sprouted whole grains. Whole grain means that the germ, fibrous bran and the endosperm are all present. It is so unfortunate that the grains most of us eat have been processed and the bran and germ removed in attempts to make the grain softer and finer. Most refined grains lack fiber, vitamin B and iron in addition to the fact that the germ and the bran which are most nutritious parts of the whole grain are missing.

It is possible to turn sprouted whole grains into vegetables by properly milling the whole grains into flour rather than use mash or wet-milled paste. In this process, the starch molecules are changed to sugars that are otherwise easily broken down to energy by the body. This process will also make proteins, minerals, and vitamins more available.

If you have diabetes or working to prevent it the following are the health benefits of 100% whole grain sprouted pretzels:

  • Rich in fiber
  • Free from lactose
  • Sugar-free
  • Kosher
  • Vegan
  • It is free from cholesterol
  • Free from trans-fat

We ensure that our pretzels are organic, GMO-free, malt free, sugar-free and don’t contain any preservatives or additives. Simple sea salt is enough to add the pleasant delicious and crunchy flavor. We also only use extra virgin oil which is healthy and recommended for the diabetic.

Sprouted GrainsSprouted whole grain pretzels are also very rich in fiber. These insoluble fibers help improve blood sugar levels as well as reduce the chances of contracting type 2 diabetes in the first place.

French fries, doughnuts and potato chips are rich in carbohydrates and if you eat too much of it this can have fatal consequences to your blood sugar levels. They also contain trans-fat since they are deep-fried in hydrogenated oils. Hydrogenated oils contain bad cholesterol and increase the risk contracting chronic heart diseases. Instead, you should opt for snacks like sprouted grain pretzels that is trans-fat free and is fried with extra virgin olive oil.

This answers your question of whether pretzels are a healthy option for the diabetic. The answer is YES as long as you choose sprouted splits and sprouted shells. You can get our sprouted unique pretzels online or any fresh market, whole foods and giant store near you.

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