How I Cured My Diabetes

LisaHi my name is Lisa and hail from Bronx, New York.

I was diagnosed with the type2 diabetes last yers.

My medication is 2 Metformin twice per day.

My hba1c was constantly up and down within the first several years and was well in control but after that until few months ago while it started steadily going up.

Was at 80 mmol when I was notified I had to see my surgery pharmacist and but they planned to up my medication.

But I spoke to my pharmacist I said that I was not keen on upping the medication however we agreed that I should find out a way to manage my diabetes much better, as long as I got another hba1c test in 2 months and then it definitely would be reviewed.

After few months, I came back to be reviewed my next hba1c was 50 mmol.

My pharmacist said that it was a truly great result and asked what exactly I had done to greatly achieve this. I told her that my friend told me this Natural Method she had never never heard of it and asked what I was doing and what it was.

I have years of experience in treating my diabetes and have tried various ways. I hope can help you on the way. Now, I will tell you what I was doing and what methods I was using in recent years.

Drugs – Metformin

Everyone who was diagnosed type 2 diabetes would like to follow the traditional advice to consult the medical bods first…..

But as drugs will cause some side effects so you would like to stop the Metformin and control your diabetes through natural methods like diet and exercise.

As to me, I also felt sick and generally felt unwell and had headaches when taking Metformin. So I stopped my drugs all in one go without telling my GP.

So I did cancel my repeat prescription, and my HbA1c has since dropped to 50.

My DN suggested I reduce the Metformin dose, and was so surprised when I gladly told her that I hadn’t been taking any for 2 months.

As for you, I would advice (other than seek advice from your GP) to wait till you have seen a considerable improvement in the BG before taking the step to use and rely on the Diet or other methods. The cost of failure to somebody is too great.


One friend of my mine tell me that she use CBD Oil to treat her back pain and she said that she heard about something that the CBD oil is useful for diabetes and no any side effects. I think if it has no any side effects, why I can’t try it and see if it is effective to me.

I did a lot of researches and have read that this CBD oil can potentially come with health benefits for diabetics and very interested.

Instead of smoking, vaping or cooking, making tea with it is a safer option in my view. I feel better but it seems not much help for my diabetes.

If you want to try it, one thing you need to remember is that the THC is not what you need. Cannabinoids are the phytonutrients you need.

Herbal for Diabetes

Many common spices and herbs are claimed to come with blood sugar lowering properties which make them beneficial for people with or at high risk of type 2 diabetes.

Many clinical scientific studies have been carried out within the last few years that show potential links between improved BG control and herbal therapies, which has led to an increase in people with type 2 diabetes using those more natural ingredients to help control their condition.

I don’t know much about herbs so I can’t give any good suggestions on what herbs are useful for diabetes. But whatever your intended reasons to use spices and herbs, you have to always consult your GP or diabetes healthcare team first to make sure that they are quite safe for your condition as well as determine a suitable dose.

Natural Cure for My diabetes

I always want to find some other methods without any side effects other than above methods to reverse my diabetes. One day, my friend Mary who was also suffering from diabetes visited me and we discuss a lot about diabetes, she told me that she found a new method that reverses diabetes with best food, exercise and lifestyle modifications, the way has specified all the natural and easy ways to cure diabetes. She tried it and get good result, but she still take Metformin once after breakfast.

After I tried this diabetes treatment method, I lost 12kg inside 3 month and had normalized HBa1cC and massively lowered my Cholesterol from almost 9 down below 5. Apparently only a little of adult population manages to come of the meds, however I think going on a low Carb diet makes it much easier, together with managing lifestyle better. Less alcohol and little more exercise.

I have also taken up cycling that is great fun once you get going….

I can do, I don’t know if you can do it and get good results too!!! But I personally like this natural method that get the desired results without any side effects. It doesn’t have any harm my body. So why don’t you try it to see if you can also reverse your diabetes?

Click Here to Watch this Natural Diabetes Treatment Method

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