How I Reversed T2 in 3 Months Naturally

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Recently experienced some good news. Following diagnosis of T2 a few months ago I went for my two monthly check and bloods taken, and my results came back extremely positive.

I have reduced my HBA1C from 56 down to 38 and have lost 15kg in 12 weeks on a self made dietary plan.

Just felt compelled to publish this article because of a question my friend earlier asked me about what was the right and wrong for a diabetic about a meal plan.

Actually lots of failure/success is down to the individual themselves. I personally embraced what having type 2 diabetes meant in so much because I knew I had to alter my eating/lifestyle habits etc and it was something of a challenge for us to do that, however in a positive way for us.

Without any real guidance or help, except for discovering this diabetes treatment video and reading up on it over and over, I set about learning what to avoid and what were the good food for me.

In all this time, I honestly can say that I likey eat more now as well as regularly than I have ever done. And breakfast is a must to kick start my day, usually a small banana, Weetabix and Special K. Occasionally I have scrambled egg, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage and bacon. Grilled but not fried surely and smaller portions of each however not overloaded!

Lunch includes salad with either the mackerel in tomato sauce, or cottage cheese, tuna, many grated carrot, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and a small portion of mixed nuts and fruit and a small helping of the low fat coleslaw.

For tea, usually fresh fish, pork or chicken with either 4 or 5 small new potatoes and plenty of vegetables, or a small portion of wholemeal pasta or basmati rice, depends what I am having.

Generally this would see me right for the day, however if I have peckish I will grab a handful of mixed nuts and fruit which does the trick. Also drink plenty of water to cuts out my hunger pangs.

Cut out sweet cakes, pastry and bread. However the sausage rolls are the hardest one of all for me personally.

Looking back to my pre diagnosis, I would never thought I could make such a significant adjustment, however in truth it was really easy to do. I had fatigue. I suffered terrible trouble with pains in my knees, ankles and feet. Had massive energy spikes and mood swings and awful lows. At that time all unbeknown to me that it was what type 2 diabetes does to me. But now, more energetic, healthier, virtually pain free and even more positive, these eating/lifestyle habit changes have surely changed my life greatly.

My doctor who was helping me was very overjoyed on breaking the news to me regarding my blood sugar level results and it was very emotional. Hence whilst I have surely reduced my levels and I also know that type 2 diabetes will never go away and I should remain sensible and keep with those changes in my life.

So to anyone out there reading this, don’t give in. Don’t despair. Make these changes that fit you. You will feel a lot of benefits.

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