How Joan Freed Diabetes

Hi, I’m Joan, thanks Ruth, after going for my usual checkups my doctor diagnosed me with diabetes. Based on what my doctor told me, this was supposed to be a lifetime condition but I never want to dwell on the negative side of life and I was optimistic that I will get over this and regain my health once again. Diabetes is considered a genetic disease but with our family history, this is impossible. No one has ever been diagnosed with the disease.

I decided to embark on research and I found surprising facts that even my doctor either didn’t know or failed to tell me. The first thing that I learned was the fact that I was not alone. That is: there are millions of people living with the condition. Though slightly, this gave me comfort.

Initially, I knew nothing about this disease. Yes, I would see adverts on “let’s fight diabetes” but I never paid close attention to try and understand it into details. This was all about to change given the research I was doing. Though it was not easy for me given the complex medical terms but with time I was able to understand at least the basics.

I would read materials online the try and internalize the information. This worked and it’s a method I would comfortably recommend.

The climax of my research was discovering that the body and in particular the liver is responsible for creating a hormone by the name Insulin Growth Factor which is primarily responsible for controlling blood sugar levels in the body. This fact actually simply struck me as amazing.

This seemed like a simple fact but to me, it meant the world to me, I found hope in this fact. There was some light at the end of a dark tunnel. Getting my diabetes cured now seemed possible. I didn’t have to live by the meds for the rest of my life. At least I would manage to avoid the side effects associated with taking diabetes meds.

Since the meds didn’t seem all that effective I decided to take things into my own hand and seek an alternative for the meds. This proved to the best decision of my life.

In my follow up check up, my doctor was amazed by my results. My diabetes was no more. This fact surprised everyone including myself. My doctor even admitted to me that he had never seen anything like it. I was advised to seek an opinion from another doctor just to be sure of things. The next doctor confirmed it for me, I was cured of diabetes.

What surprised me most was the fact that the pharmaceutical industry decided to turn a blind eye to IGF. Is it that they don’t know anything about it or do they simply wanted to harvest money from your pocket? They could promote Insulin Growth Factor even in form of tablets but just somehow they have always opted not to. It even seems like the doctors also took an oath never to mention this fact to the patients.

Increasing the formation of Insulin Growth Factor is easy, with just a few changes in diet and lifestyle IGF will increase naturally.

Just to ensure that you don’t get stuck somewhere along the way, there are even video demonstrations. Everything is all natural so you can be least assured that you won’t be asked to take any meds or supplements. The future is bright with IGF.

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